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Introducing Point Cloud Management - An overview
Introducing Point Cloud Management - An overview

A new HoloBuilder add-on feature that allows you to upload, view, share, measure, and manage your point clouds in HoloBuilder.

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Switching between different platforms to access 3D point cloud data and 360° data in a large construction firm can be a hassle. This issue can often disrupt your team’s workflow, causing delays to your project and a dent in your bottom line.

Developed by FARO’s 360° reality capture and point cloud technology experts, the new add-on unites point clouds and 360° photos in a single platform, removing reality capture data silos and enabling faster analysis.

Point Cloud Management brings high accuracy measurements directly into HoloBuilder and makes point cloud data easily accessible to your team, unlocking a new level of collaboration.

Point Cloud Management

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User Roles and Permissions

User roles and permissions


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