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How to update the firmware of your RICOH THETA camera
How to update the firmware of your RICOH THETA camera

Avoid camera issues by keeping the firmware of your Ricoh Theta 360 camera up to date.

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It is important to keep all applications and hardware that you use in your day to day work up to date. Old firmware of your camera can quickly lead to smaller glitches or create major problems when working with the JobWalk App. We urge you to check on a regular basis that you are using the most recent version of your camera's firmware and also update the JobWalk app for the most seamless experience.

Updating the RICOH THETA firmware:

  1. You need a dedicated program from Ricoh on your computer to update the firmware. Download and install the RICOH THETA computer application on your computer:

    - RICOH THETA for Windows (R)
    - RICOH THETA for Mac

  2. Start the app on your computer.

  3. In the menu, select File > Firmware Update.

  4. Connect your camera to the computer using the provided USB cable.

  5. Now, select To next.

  6. Check the current as well as the available version and select To next. The firmware on your camera will now be updated.

    NOTE: Do NOT disconnect the camera during the update!

  7. Once the message Firmware Update: Done is displayed, the update is completed and you can remove the camera and the USB cable from your computer.

Should you still experience issues with the camera or with connecting it to the JobWalk App, please contact our support team at

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