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Set up the Ricoh Theta Z1 with your JobWalk App
Set up the Ricoh Theta Z1 with your JobWalk App

How to connect and use the Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera with the JobWalk App.

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To get started for setting up your Ricoh Theta Z1, please download the JobWalk App to your mobile Android or iOS device and log in. You can learn more about how to work with the JobWalk App in the dedicated article.

Connecting from within the JobWalk App (recommended process)

Start the JobWalk App and download/update an existing project or create a new project. Add a new floor plan/sheet or select an existing sheet of the project. Tap on the sheet to place the first photo. Follow the instructions below or on the app screen for setting up the corresponding camera connection for your Ricoh Theta Z1.

Connecting before starting the JobWalk App

Alternatively, it is also possible to first establish the connection of your mobile device with the camera and open the JobWalk App in a second step. This way you can directly start capturing on your project.  Simply follow the steps below for connecting to the Ricoh Theta Z1.
When editing an existing project, please make sure to have your HoloBuilder project downloaded/updated before connecting to the camera.

Set up and connect your Ricoh Theta Z1 360° camera with the JobWalk App

Only when the camera is connected via the internal Wi-Fi Network of the Theta Z1 camera, you can use your smartphone with the JobWalk App to capture photos on-site and place them directly on a sheet.

The following instructions are based on the Ricoh Theta Z1. Please note that setting up the connection with the older camera models Ricoh Theta M15, Ricoh Theta S and Ricoh Theta SC might slightly differ in the design compared to the Ricoh Theta Z1, however, the process is the same. For connecting the JobWalk App with another Ricoh Theta camera, please refer to the corresponding tutorial.

Ricoh Theta Z1 setup

Make sure the camera and phone are fully charged before going on-site to avoid any bad surprises during the job walk creation process. When the battery level on the Ricoh Theta Z1 camera is low, the power button will flash blue.

1. Press the power button on the camera to turn on the camera. 

Power button on Ricoh Theta Z1 camera

2. If necessary: Press the 'Mode' button on the side of the Theta Z1 to enable the still image camera mode. You should see a photo camera icon in the lower left corner of the small screen at the front of the camera.

Note: If you see a video camera icon instead, switch to the photo mode using the 'Mode' button on the side of the camera.

Enable still image camera mode

3. Press the wireless/Bluetooth button on the side of the Theta Z1 to turn on the wireless network of the camera and switch it to the direct mode.

Note: You should see a Wi-Fi icon on then small screen on the front of the camera. If you don’t see the icon, a Bluetooth icon or a Wi-Fi icon and a Bluetooth icon, press the Wi-Fi button again.

Enable the Wi-Fi network

4. On your phone, open the Settings app and go to the Wi-Fi settings of your phone.

5. Select the SSID of your camera from the network list and enter the password.

Note: The serial number printed on the base of the camera is also the name of the network and contains the password. The SSID for the network is "THETA" plus the 8-digit serial number ending in .OSC (in this case "THETAYN10001191.OSC"). The password is only the 8 numbers (in this case "10001191").

Serial number printed on the base of camera

6. Switch to the JobWalk App.

Note: When the phone is connected to the camera, you’ll see a first instructional screen of how to start capturing with the JobWalk App.

Or, if nothing happens, tab on the sheet to start capturing your site.

For more information on JobWalk App and compatible cameras, please refer to the following tutorials:

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