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How to get started on the HoloBuilder API
How to get started on the HoloBuilder API

Make the most of the data that you capture by leveraging the HoloBuilder API

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HoloBuilder is ready to scale with you and your organization!

HoloBuilder API

Connect your internal tools to HoloBuilder with our brand-new HoloBuilder API

What is the HoloBuilder API?

The HoloBuilder API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to take your HoloBuilder usage even further:

  • Remove data silos by connecting HoloBuilder to your internal tools and help your team unleash the full potential of your virtual jobsite.

  • With the initial release of our API (v. 1.0), you can access HoloBuilder projects to import 360° photos, 360 Markups, tags, filters, sheets, waypoints, and more into your existing tools via code. This feature allows you to teach your program which specific data to download and when.

  • That means, the API "reads" the data to inform other applications. Your team can write their own applications that makes best use of this data.

What data can be accessed with the HoloBuilder API?

Currently, you can only "read" information on a project level. The following information, among other, is available at the moment:

  • 360° image files

  • 360 Markups information

  • categories & filters

  • sheets information

  • location information

  • and more

Note: In v. 1.0 of the API, no user information is available.

What are the use cases supported by the HoloBuilder API?

Powerful use cases include importing HoloBuilder data straight into your GIS platforms or extracting tagged 360° photos into your in-house reporting tools:

  • Generate Custom Reports, e.g., with PowerBI

    As a HoloBuilder Enterprise Customer using the API you can create reports by extracting the available project data from HoloBuilder and pushing this directly into your reporting tool of choice for a more personalized reporting.

  • Integrate data into, e.g., GIS platforms
    As a HoloBuilder Enterprise Customer using the API you can include your HoloBuilder data into any GIS platforms you might be using for mapping your capture locations on a global scale.

How can you get access to the HoloBuilder API?

Request access in the Add-On section of your Enterprise Dashboard, or contact your HoloBuilder representative to learn more about the HoloBuilder API Add-On and how to add this to your subscription today!


If you do not have a project dashboard yet, please find more information on the HoloBuilder Enterprise Dashboard or reach out at


  • Can I also use the API to update my project in HoloBuilder?

    No, as for now, the HoloBuilder API v. 1.0 only allows to "read" information out of your HoloBuilder account.

  • Can I also "read" user information and if so which information is available?
    No, as for now, the HoloBuilder API v. 0.1 only allows to extract information about the projects you have on your HoloBuilder dashboard but nothing related to users. Please see above to learn more about what information is currently included.

  • Can anyone get access to the HoloBuilder API?
    Yes, if you agree with the requirements, you can get access to the HoloBuilder API. The API is a an add-on that can be purchased. For more information on the costs, please check with your HoloBuilder representative.

  • Is there a trial for the HoloBuilder API?
    No, as for now, there is no trial option to test the API functionalities. After the qualification with our team, you can get access to the technical documentation to review but no test implementation is available.

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