IMPORTANT: Please note that SiteStream is only compatible with the camera model Theta V from Ricoh. 

SiteStream allows accessing fixed installed cameras as well as a mobile camera configured for this with a remote connection. Use SiteStream to

  1. have stationary cameras to monitor site activity

  2. do a mobile walkthrough of your site with others joining remotely.

Find a short overview and quick start guide for 360 SiteStream here or read through the comprehensive setup instructions below.

1 Hardware requirements

In order to work with 360 SiteStream, please check to meet the following requirements:

  1. Supported 360° camera: Ricoh Theta V or Ricoh Theta Z1

  2. JobWalk app compatible smartphone

  3. Site setup with wifi and power source

1.1 Requirements for the 360° camera

The 360 SiteStream HoloBuilder integration only works with the Ricoh Theta V cameras as this app will be installed directly on the cameras. For 360 SiteStream you can use one or more cameras, there is no limitation here. The amount of the needed cameras depends therefore on your use case and how many spots you want to monitor on your construction site.

Prepare your camera:

  1. Update camera firmware: The Ricoh Theta V camera requires the installation of the Firmware 2.3.0 or newer to have plug-in apps installed from the Ricoh App Store. You can find a guide on how to check the firmware on your camera and how to update it provided directly by Ricoh here.

  2. Enable the wifi-client mode: The camera needs to be put into the wifi-client mode to be able to connect with external wifi.

  3. Get the 360 SiteStream plug-in: The 360 SiteStream plug-in is an app that needs to be installed directly on your Ricoh Theta V / Theta Z1 camera. If you want to connect multiple cameras with your HoloBuilder project to SiteStream, you need to install the 360 SiteStream plug-in on each of the cameras.

The complete preparations and steps for installation will be explained in more detail below.

1.2 Requirements for the Mobile device

If you have the JobWalk app already installed on your mobile device, please update the app to the newest version.

Alternatively, if you do not yet have the JobWalk app installed on your mobile device, please install the newest version from the App Store or Play store. You can find additional instructions about how to install the JobWalk app and get a general introduction here.

Please note that if you are using our EU platform solution, SiteStream is not supported.

Download the official JobWalk app by HoloBuilder directly from Google Play for Android or the App Store for your iOS device below:

1.3 Requirements for the Camera location & setup

The Theta Vs / Theta Z1s need to be installed on a fixed location on your construction site to live stream. Optionally, you can also use the setup for a planned walkthrough to be streamed. At the location, you need to make sure to provide

1. A WiFi connection with internet to transmit the live stream.

Recommended Internet connection over WiFi or Mobile/Cellular Access Point with:

  • 1 Mbps Upstream, 1 Mbps Downstream for a minimum resolution

  • 2 Mbps Up- and Downstream for 720p medium quality

  • 3 Mbps Up- and Downstream for 1080p high quality

  • 15 Mbps Up- and Downstream for highest quality (with up to 4K)

For a Mobile/Cellular Access Point at least a 3G connection is required, UMTS HSPA recommended.

If you are doing a mobile walkthrough, an internet connection must be available at all times on the site and full coverage should be provided

2. A power source to connect the camera via USB cable so that it can’t run out of power. The camera is charged in approx. 200 minutes (at 25°C (77°F)).
Power Socket/Connection recommendations: Theta V / Theta Z1 USB Cable & Wall Plug Extension Adapter TE-1 

  • The cameras can be placed on a stable tripod in the middle of the room or fixed at the ceiling. Please make sure to use an extension like the Extension Adapter TE-1 to keep enough space to connect the Theta V camera to a power source.

  • Tripod recommendations:
    Smartree small tripod
    A high tripod with more than 5’2”/160 cm height possible

For the mobile application, a power bank can be used to provide additional energy.

2 Preparation – Install the 360 SiteStream plug-in

Install the plug-in and configure the camera to get started: The HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream plug-in app can be installed from the Ricoh App Store. Find the complete instructions on how to install the app on your camera in the video below. Please make sure to check all the necessary steps. Watch the recorded webinar below to get a full detailed overview on the installation process for 360SiteStream. 

2.1 Firmware update

Before continuing with the plug-in installation, make sure to download and install the firmware version 2.41.1 or later for your Ricoh Theta V / Theta Z1 camera. 

  • You can download the firmware update here.

  • Follow this tutorial to install the new firmware.

2.3 Enable the Wifi-client mode

During configuration, the Theta V / Theta Z1 has to be switched to the WiFi-client mode

  1. Wifi-client mode means that your camera is connected to an external Wifi, e.g. on your construction site, instead of using the internal camera Wifi. Via this Wifi, the camera can also be connected to your phone.

  2.  If you haven’t switched your camera to wifi-client mode before, please follow these instructions by Ricoh to set up wifi-client mode.

2.2 360 SiteStream installation

The HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream plug-in has to be installed via the Ricoh desktop plug-in store.

Note: During configuration, the Theta V / Theta Z1 has to be in the Wifi network as the device on which the JobWalk app is installed.

Configure the camera:

  1. Enter the plug-in mode of the Theta V. Follow this Theta V / Theta Z1 user guide to activate the plug-in mode. Note: You need to install the official smartphone app for the Theta V / Theta Z1 to make these changes. Find all downloads by Ricoh here.

  1. Switch your Ricoh Theta V / Theta Z1 camera into the WiFi-client mode (if you have not set up your WiFi-client mode for this camera yet, please set it up by following these instructions first.)

  2. Get the Theta desktop app for your local machine as well as the official Theta mobile app on your mobile device. Please find all official applications for the Theta V Theta Z1 by Ricoh here.

  3. Install the HoloBuilder plug-in 360 SiteStream on your camera.

5. On a desktop device: Go to the Plug-in Store and download 360 SiteStream to your local machine. Make sure to have the Theta desktop app installed beforehand.

6. Connect your Theta V / Theta Z1 to your desktop machine by USB.

7. Open the Theta desktop app and load 360 SiteStream into your Theta V / Theta Z1.

8. Select 360 SiteStream to activate the plug-in on your camera. Find a short video instruction here.

3 Setting up the live stream

The connection for the live stream can be set up in the JobWalk app. Make sure to connect to the same WiFi-network as your camera is and stay close to the camera to have an eye on it, for now, to see if the camera gets activated correctly.

Please make sure the default plugin in your Ricoh Theta V / Theta Z1 is 360 SiteStream.
You can do so in the Theta App for mobile devices or the Desktop application.

Open the JobWalk app on any of your mobile devices.

  1. While the camera is turned on press the 'Mode' button on the side of your Theta V / Theta Z1 for 2 seconds to start the plugin. The LED will flash red for a few seconds before a 'Live' indicator will turn on.

  2. Select and open the project of your choosing.

  3. Click on the waypoint of the location on the sheet where the site stream camera will be located.

    Please note: You will not be able to capture new 360° pictures or TimeTravels with this camera because it is in the WiFi-client mode.

  4. On IOS, click the 3 dots next to the capture button, and then set up 360 SiteStream
    On Android, select options at the bottom of the screen, and then set up 360 SiteStream 

  5. From the list, choose the camera you want to connect to the selected location in your HoloBuilder project.

  6. When asked, provide the WiFi-client mode password you set up before during the camera configuration.

    Note: If you did not set a new password, the default password is the serial number of your Theta V / Theta Z1 written at the bottom of the camera or in the original name of the Theta.

  7. Click the live-stream button showing up on the right side of the screen with the 360° image.

  8. The “LIVE” LED on the camera blinks to show that the camera is now trying to set up the live stream.

  9. Set a 360 SiteStream password to control and restrict access to your live site stream.

    Note: To view the live stream the viewer will have to enter the password. By this, your 360 SiteStream is protected against unauthorized access.

  10. Once the password is set, the live stream button turns yellow. This signalizes that the live stream is correctly set up.

  11. The “LIVE” LED on the camera is turned on and stopped blinking. This indicates that the camera is now ready to stream.

  12. Upload the project to save your live stream setup.

Disconnect/reconnect a camera

To disconnect a camera from a project or a specific location, you simply need to overwrite the camera configuration (and tap once again on the live-stream button).

Move the camera with the tripod to a new location on your site and connect to a power source. As the camera is already configured correctly, you only need to redo the connection steps described above to connect your camera with the new location on the sheet in your HoloBuilder project in the JobWalk app.

4 Share and view the live stream

You can access and share the on-site live stream in the HoloBuilder web editor or viewer on your desktop as well as a mobile device - learn more.

Important: In order for others to also access the live site stream, please share the camera’s password you have set up safely with this person.


What is a plug-in app?

A plug-in app is a tiny program that is running on the Ricoh Theta V which extends the functionality of the camera. 360 SiteStream is such a plug-in app that adds a live streaming capability for HoloBuilder projects.

What is WiFi-client mode?

The WiFi client mode enables the camera to connect to an existing wireless network (e.g. wireless hotspot) instead of connecting it directly to a mobile device. Thus, it can communicate (e.g. to the HoloBuilder servers) over the internet without the need of having a mobile phone around.

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