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How to convert a 360 video to the correct video format for VideoMode
How to convert a 360 video to the correct video format for VideoMode
Learn how to convert incompatible video file formats to a supported video file format for the HoloBuilder VideoMode BETA Desktop Uploader.
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For the use of the HoloBuilder VideoMode BETA Desktop Uploader app, you might be required to convert your 360 video files to a supported format. Please check your video files and convert according to the process described below before proceeding to the processing with the Desktop Uploader to link with your HoloBuilder project. - Learn more on the HoloBuilder Desktop Uploader app here.


VideoMode BETA is a HoloBuilder add-on that might not be included in your current license. Please contact your trusted HoloBuilder contact or reach out to our support team at if you are interested in learning more about getting access to this feature.

The new HoloBuilder Desktop Uploader for VideoMode BETA requires a specific 360 video format for uploading the virtual tour from your video files to your HoloBuilder project.

The Ricoh Theta or Insta360 raw image format is not the standard equirectangular or cubemap format known in 360° photography.

The image format displaying the two views of the lenses as 2 circles/fish-eyes in the flattened image is not compatible with the HoloBuilder platform and needs to be converted.


As for now, only 360 videos captured with the Ricoh Theta X camera can be uploaded without converting.

Ricoh Theta cameras

Videos from Ricoh Theta cameras can be converted with the "Basic app - Ricoh Theta" by Ricoh:

  1. Install the "Basic app - RICOH THETA" (for Windows) to your PC by following the instructions of the installer file.

  2. Convert the Theta videos to the correct format by following the steps on the desktop app.

Insta360 cameras

360 videos from Insta360 cameras can be converted with the "Insta360 Studio 2023" desktop app:

Other cameras

360 videos of other 360 cameras might also be supported if you convert them into the correct equirectangular format. For further support on how to properly convert your 360 videos, please connect with your camera manufacturer, they are the best to provide you with any guidance.


You can always reach us via email at, use the live chat feature in the bottom right corner or simply contact your go-to HoloBuilder representative.

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