When uploading a new sheet to your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor, you can choose to upload the image in higher resolution. It only takes one extra step and helps increase the readability of your sheet.

NOTE: The high-res option only increases the quality of PDF files. When uploading images files, this feature does not apply.

  1. Open your project in the HoloBuilder Web Editor.

  2. Click on the + button in the lower-left to add a new file.
    Note: This option also works when exchanging an existing sheet - learn more.

  3. Drop your new sheet file in the now open 'Sheets' tab.

  4. In a new dialog, you will get a preview of the sheet which is to be uploaded.

  5. Right above the preview, there are several options to adjust the sheet. One of the options is 'High Res. Sheet' with a toggle switch.
    By default, the toggle switch is off. Click on it to switch the High-Resolution option ON.

  6. Now, select the yellow IMPORT button in the lower right corner and the sheet will be added to the project in high resolution. It will be more readable, especially when zooming into the sheet and make for an even better HoloBuilder experience. (only applies to PDF files)

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