With the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork, there are different options to add renderings from your Naviswork model to the HoloBuilder project:

  • Install the HoloBuilder plugin for Naviswork - learn more
  • Create a new HoloBuilder project starting from within Naviswork - learn more
  • Add a sheet and 360 views from Naviswork to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add only 360 views (no sheet view) from a 3D model to an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more
  • Add 360 views from Naviswork for the waypoints of an existing HoloBuilder project - learn more


In order to link your Naviswork project with the HoloBuilder project to automatically generate the 360 views for the existing location on your HoloBuilder project, it is essential to specify the correct sheet view. This is done by using Navisworks "bounding box" toolset.

Important: Make sure to switch to the bounding box option and not use the plane view. This is important to get the correct room height and allow for accurate placement of the 360 views according to the HoloBuilder waypoints.

Setting up your sheet view with the bounding box in Naviswork

1. Open Navisworks and load your Autodesk Navisworks project with the 3D model that you want to upload into HoloBuilder.

2. Define the Sheet View with the “Sectioning Tools” in the upper menu bar: In the sectioning tools overview, switch from the "Planes" option to the "Box" option in the "Mode" area.

3. Use the tools in the "Transform" area of the "Sectioning Tools" to section your 3D model to only a single level.
Make sure to have the bounding box cover only one level at a time from floor to ceiling over the whole level area you want to use as a sheet view and align with your HoloBuilder project.

NOTE: Scale, move, and rotate the model section as needed to really accurately fit the selected level of the model.

Define the bounding box for the HoloBuilder sheet in Naviswork

4. Once the height of the bounding box and area are set up correctly, switch to the "Top" view with the cube to get the full overview of your marked 3D model section.

Set bounding box in top view in Naviswork

5. Select "Export Add-Ins 1" in the menu bar and click on “Add Sheet Viewpoint” to create a sheet to be used to align your 3D model with the HoloBuilder project for the currently selected view in Navisworks.
A sheet will be created and saved as a viewpoint, accessible through the "Saved Viewpoints" overview under the folder "HB Sheets".

Generated sheet view for a level of your 3D model in Naviswork to align with a HoloBuilder project

6. Repeat steps 2-5 for all the floors/sections that you want to link to a floorplan in your HoloBuilder project.
For each floorplan in the HoloBuilder project, you will need to define the sheet view in Naviswork with a bounding box as described above.

7. When you are finished creating all “Sheet Viewpoints” you will find them in the “Saved Viewpoints” sidebar in the “HB Sheets” folder for further processing, e.g. to link to a floorplan in your HoloBuilder project - learn more.

Important: The sheet views only need to be set up once but in order to automatically generate the 360 views for the waypoints in HoloBuilder, the Naviswork sheet view needs to be linked to the HoloBuilder sheet everytime renderings need to be generated. Learn more about linking to the HoloBuilder project here.

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