Saving your project offline in the HoloViewer is only available for

  • Owners (for licenses without a company dashboard)

  • Project Managers (PM) assigned to the project with this role,

  • Group Managers (GM) of the group related to the project

  • Enterprise Admins.

Any other roles are not allowed to archive and download projects. Please find a full overview of all HoloBuilder roles and permissions here.

Depending on your subscription, you can download the project from the

In order to be able to save your project offline in the HoloViewer, you need to...

  1. archive the project - learn more 

  2. download and install the HoloViewer to your computer - learn more
    If you are using our HoloBuilder EU solution, please make sure to download the EU version here.

  3. download the project to the HoloViewer - see steps below

Downloading your project in the Web Editor

Please note that once a project was downloaded, it cannot be unarchived anymore. Archived and downloaded projects can only be viewed by users with a project owner role - meaning the actual creator of the project, the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.

Once you have downloaded & installed the HoloViewer and archived your project, you are ready to download the project:

  1. Open the Offline HoloViewer.

  2. Make sure to log into your account within the app by clicking on the profile icon and then clicking the login button.

  3. In the web editor, start by opening the list of archived projects. To do so, click File in the upper panel next to the Dashboard button. 

4. In the dropdown, select Open and then select the Archive tab in the popup


5. Find the correct project in the list and select the downward arrow next to the

project name in order to start the download.

6. A popup will ask you to confirm the download by clicking OK.

7. If you are using Safari or Firefox as a browser, the system cannot detect whether

the app is already installed due to browser restrictions. When asked whether you

have already installed the app, please select YES.

NOTE: Should you in fact NOT have downloaded the app yet, click NO and the app will be automatically downloaded & installed before the project download. After the HoloViewer offline app is successfully installed, you can start the download for your project in the popup by clicking the downward arrow button.

8. The HoloViewer app on your computer will now open and download the project.

9. Once the download is finished, the project is available for offline use within the

app. Already downloaded projects are marked with the greyed out Unarchive

and Download symbol.

Downloaded projects are saved in the HoloViewer folder. The HoloViewer folder can be stored anywhere on your computer during the installation process.
Each downloaded project is stored as a folder in […]>HoloViewer>Holobuilder>Projects (Windows) or ~/Library/Application Support/com.holobuilder.holoviewer/Holobuilder (macOS) with the corresponding ID.


If you accidentally downloaded a project, please write us at for gaining online access again.

Additional options

  • Updating the Offline HoloViewer: There will be no automatic update for your installed Offline HoloViewer app. For an updated version, please download the newest versions manually - Learn more.

  • Recovering a previous app version: You can easily recover an old version of the Offline HoloViewer app if a backup was made or download from our website - Learn more.

  • Project handover: You can hand over your downloaded project with or without the HoloViewer - Learn more.

  • Longterm storing of projects: All downloaded projects can be stored digitally indefinitely on your local drive or any other hard drive. To keep access to your projects, you simply need a version of the HoloViewer installed or the installation file at hand. - Learn more.

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