HoloBuilder offers two different options how you can create a new project. Depending on your aubacription with HoloBuilder, you can either create a project in the Dashboard or, if you do not have dashboard access, in the HoloBuilder Web Editor:

  • If you do have a Dashboard in your HoloBuilder account, please refer to this article: How to create a project in the Dashboard 

  • If you do not have subscription with a Dashboard access, see below for more information:

Creating a project in the Web Editor 

  1. Start by logging into your HoloBuilder account and open the Web Editor.

    Note: If this is your first project, you will automatically see the "Create Project" screen upon sign in - refer to step 5.

  2. Find the File button in the panel at the top of your screen.

  3. A dropdown will now appear. Here, you can select the subitem New in order to start creating a new project in the web editor. 

   4. A new window opens up. Add the basic information about the
       new project, like project name, the area included or the project's address. 

   5. Once you have entered all neccessary information, click the Next button in the
       lower right corner to create the project.

   6. Now, you will be redirected to the Upload section of the Web Editor. You can
       choose to upload a sheet to your project first or alternatively start with adding
       some 360° shots of your project from your PC (if you have already taken any).

NOTE: We recommend to start with a sheetmap, so that you can keep your project in order from the get-go. Once you have added one or more sheetmap(s), you can later add 360° scenes directly to the sheet and avoid images floating in your project not having any dedicated location in the project.

   7. After importing your first sheets/360° images to the project, you can freely edit the
       project in the web editor. In order to complete your project with all sheets &
       images you currently have, click the grey '+' button in the lower left corner and
       add any sheets, scenes or TimeTravel images as you like.

NOTE: Once you have created the project and added the sheets, it is recommended to continue workinng on the project using the JobWalk app - learn more.

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