When you have finished a project and want to remove it from your list of active projects, you can easily move it to the Archive. Once a project is archived, it cannot be edited or viewed anymore. In order to continue working on an archived project, it can easily be unarchived again.

Archiving projects in the Web Editor is only possible if you do not have a Company Dashboard. 

Just like archiving, unarchiving is an action that is restricted to selective roles on HoloBuilder. Only the following can unarchive a project in the Web Editor:

  1. License without dashboard: Project Owner - User who created the project and is hosting it in his account.

  2. License with dashboard: The assigned Project Manage (PM) of the project, any Group Managers (GM) of the related group, and all Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard are allowed to archive (and download) HoloBuilder projects.
    IMPORTANT: Go to your Enterprise Dashboard to unarchive the project - learn more here.

The following steps are only possible if you are assigned to one of the above roles in your HoloBuilder Account/the HoloBuilder project.

Note: There are two possibilities to unarchive a project. If you have a HoloBuilder Company Dashboard, learn how to unarchive a project via the Company Dashboard here

How to unarchive a project in the Web Editor

Please make sure to have enough square feet available as project area before unarchiving a project. Without enough free area you will not be able to unarchive a project.

  1. In the Web Editor, you need to open your list of archived projects first. You can do this by clicking on the menu item File at the top of your screen.

  2. In the dropdown menu, click Open in order to open a list of all of your projects.

    3. Within the newly opened window, open the Archive. It shows a list of all your archived projects.

    4. Now, for the project that you would like to unarchive, click the Unarchive project button: a white square with a grey arrow.

    5. Your project will now be moved back from the Archive to the Active projects folder. In the Web Editor, you will find it under My Projects.

    5. Once you have finished working on the project, you can easily archive it again. To find out how to archive a project, click here.    

Please note that once a project was downloaded, it cannot be unarchived anymore. Reach out to support@holobuilder.com for further assistance.

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