In order to keep an overview of your projects, you can archive completed or otherwise inactive projects. The projects will be moved from the view of the active projects to the Archive folder and will not be available to edit until they are unarchived. Also, archiving projects allows you to free up square feet for new projects.

Archiving projects in the Web Editor is only possible if you do not have a Company Dashboard. 

Please note that only selective roles have the permission to archive existing projects from the Web Editor:

  • License without dashboard: Project Owner - User who created the project and is hosting it in his account.

  • License with dashboard: The assigned Project Manage (PM) of the project, any Group Managers (GM) of the related group, and all Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard are allowed to archive (and download) HoloBuilder projects.
    IMPORTANT: Go to your Enterprise Dashboard to archive the project - learn more here .

IMPORTANT: Archived and downloaded projects can only be viewed online by users with a project owner role - meaning the actual creator of the project, the assigned Project Manager (PM), any Group Manager of the related group (GM), and the Enterprise Admins (EA) of the dashboard.

The following steps only apply, if you are assigned to one of the above roles in your HoloBuilder Account/the HoloBuilder project. 

Note: There are two possibilities to archive a project. If you have Enterprise Dashboard access, learn here how to archive a project via the Dashboard instead. 

Archiving a project in the Web Editor

1. In the Web Editor, find the File button in the menu bar at the top of your screen. 

2. Click on it to open a drop down menu. 

3. Select Open in order to open a list of all of your active projects.

4. The My Projects window will now open in the HoloBuilder web editor. 

5. In the list of projects, find the one that you would like to archive. 

6. To the right of the square feet number of the project is the Archive project button located. 

7. Click on the button and your project will be archived.

8. The project now has moved to the Archive folder. It is not possible to edit archived   projects. 

9. Alternatively, you can archive the currenlty opened project by selecting File>Archive. 

How to unarchive projects in the Web Editor 

  1.  Click on the File button in the menu bar at the top of your screen

  2. Select Open

  3. Choose the Archived section from the panel on the left and Locate the project you want to unarchive in the list. 

  4. Find an Unarchive button next to the project name, similar to the Archive button.

  5. If you click the button, the project will move back to your 'My projects' folder of active projects.

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