If you want to remove one or multiple projects permanently from your account there are two different options to do so, depending on your account setup and role:

  • In the Web Editor

  • In the Company Dashboard - learn more.

Please note that only archived projects can be deleted from your account.

Removing projects in the Web Editor

In the Web Editor only the Project Owner has the permission to delete projects from his account. Learn more about the project permissions in general here.

1. Open the Web Editor.

2. Go to the "My Projects" overview (File > Open).

3. Select the "Archive" button  to move the project to the project archive. 

4. Select the "Archive" tab in the panel on the left.

Please note that to remove a project you always have to archive the project first.

5. Click the "Remove" button. 

6. Confirm that you want to delete the project from your account for good.

7. The project will be permanently removed from your account.

Please note that any removed project are not retrievable once deleted from your account.

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